Its All About the Numbers…and Linking!


The semester is winding up in B250 and we're getting into some exciting times on our websites and learning how to track their effectiveness and improving traffic draw. I did some switching around of my Adwords campaigns as I was seeing problems with my pages and have spent quite a bit of time this past week or so redesigning my site and changing the infrastructure to hopefully be more effective. Part of this week's lessons was learning to utilize Google Analytics to study our site traffic and … [Read more...]


Social Media Success


I had to chuckle a bit at this week's topics in B250 - "Intro to Social Media" and "Social Media for SEO". I had to update my Facebook status to "Hoping I get an A this week" and listed the topics. Many of my former colleagues got a good laugh out of it too. Several chimed in that maybe I should teach this particular week's class.  Thanks! But no thanks! I did share some of my favorite tips in the discussion boards this week though.  I have found with social media, much of it is learned by … [Read more...]


Landing Page Lessons


The clicks are coming and the ad spend in racking up! I'm getting a fair amount of click thrus on my "Bike Racks" ads that I've started running in adwords.  It was a good time to start revisiting my page and reviewing each part of it to ensure that I was maximizing conversions.  Some of the helps we receiving in B250 this week on Landing Page optimization are: Preparation: View Does Your Landing Page Seal the Deal? Read Overview of Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages, and Basic … [Read more...]


Adwords Analysis


This week was all about analytics and studying our sites and launching our adwords campaigns in B250. My campaign is just getting going but here are some of the helpful resources we studied and used in this week's lessons. Measuring your profits Return on Investment Measuring Sales and Conversions Setting Up Conversion Tracking Videos and Readings: Monitor your ads and keywords What is Optimization   Keywords: Use Negative Keywords to Eliminate Unwanted Clicks Avoid Using … [Read more...]


Is Big Brother Watching…?


You hear it over and over again - Big Brother is Watching You! Well, sometimes we just happen to open the door and invite Big Brother in and pretty much hand him the keys to our diary. Such is the case with a few of the tools we are working with this week in Business 250. I found myself ahead of the curve that I already had Google Analytics installed. While it is a great tool AND FREE, I have had the thought cross my mind that Google technically knows more about my site than probably I … [Read more...]